Character Information
Gender Male
First appearance Pushmo

Mallo is the main protagonist of the Pushmo series. He rarely speaks, generally using gestures to communicate.



Mallo is the playable character in Pushmo, rescuing the children after they have been trapped.


Mallo reprises his role as a playable character, as well as unintentionally scaring the birds off by greeting Poppy, which sets up the game's main plot.

Pushmo WorldEdit

Mallo is once again the playable character in Pushmo World, having a similar role in the plot to the original Pushmo.


Mallo is a playable character in Mallo's Playtime Plaza (where he must once again rescue children), Stretchmo Studio levels, the Welcome Center, and The Perilous Peak.

Pushmo : The MovieEdit

Mallo is the main character from the movie, he go to Papa Blox's Studio to see Papa Blox and his dog, Brutus.Mallo see Corin in the bush and Corin fight him and Corin is calmed down by Mallo. He has a crush on Poppy.

Voice actorEdit

  • Japanese - Hiromi Igarashi
  • English - Leeah D. Jackson


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