A manhole in Pushmo World.

Manholes are gadgets that appear in every Pushmo game.


Manholes are simply holes in the middle of a block with a white ladder placed inside. A lid is attached to the rim, being opened if the manhole can be entered and closed if it cannot. Manholes come in red, green, blue, yellow, and purple colors.


Manholes are used to move quickly from a specific space to another, regardless of the distance between the two. Corresponding manholes must be placed on the spaces in order to function. They may be placed at the top or bottom of a block.


Pushmo / Pushmo WorldEdit

Manholes made their first appearance in Pushmo. The blocks the manholes are placed on must be pulled out in order to be used, and they cannot be used if they are covered by another block. They behave exactly the same way in Pushmo World.


Manholes return in Crashmo. However, due to the mechanics of the game, the blocks the manholes rest on does not necessarily have to be pulled out in order for the manhole to be usable, only uncovered.


Manholes function in Stretchmo virtually identically to in Pushmo and Pushmo World.